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Across Australia One 12-Year-Old’s 800-Mile Drive 2017

Sydney, Australia – Some of you might think that your teenager is full of adventures, because you drove your parents’ car to a local pizza place, where are you, what, 15 years?

Now, just try to stick with this: police officers in the mining city of Australia cut to stop the Hill’s SUV on Saturday, which was caused by a 12-year-old boy who was not on the road in the middle of nowhere, driving just 800 miles.

And he was only a third of the way to the destination chosen in the other side of this great country.

Let’s take a step back for a minute and consider the scale of this segment.

Distance traveled

Police reported that a boy who was not identified, took a family car and started driving on Friday from his home in Kendall, a small town about 220 km northeast of Sydney.

How come? It’s like a block from New York to Los Angeles, which is just over 2,800 miles, or from Ottawa to Edmonton.

Quick reminder: the boy 12. Bari is common for young people in Australia and around the world to drive tractors and other vehicles, at a young age, the boy successfully works on the main road throughout the day, but did not find or torture. The police said they were stopped at 11:00 on Saturday, which means that he spent the night alone on the street.

So how much did he really come back?

The distance traveled and not far on the map, especially given the size of the Australian people, but at 800 miles that he recommended – again, only if the old 12 years is about the same as making long drives and irritants from San Francisco to Los -Angel, back and forth, with a few more than a dozen miles, added for food and rest areas.

Or, for non-American readers, it’s like driving from Paris to Prague, decided it was not long enough, and decided to go to Vienna.

Avert danger

Road trips in Australia are slightly different from traveling in many other places. The police reported that the boy has a clear and concrete plan, but reaching the intended path, he will have to go through Nullarbor, a flat plot, destiny, warm and mostly empty, in the south about four times as large as Belgium.

And who made the impulse to deprive people to pack extra gasoline and car parts – in addition to good food and water – because gas stations are so far apart.
The Tourism Board reports that we took only six days to get over Nullarbor. Driving at night is not recommended, because of the possibility of touching a parasitic emu, Kangaroo, wombat or camel. Yes, the camel: about 100,000 wild, derivative animals imported to build the country’s railways.

Internet, just to call only to tour Australia often provokes a link to this even worse: “Wolf Creek”, a horror film Australia is well known for killing in the desert.

Sliding persisting POS = ~~ Trunc case

It should be noted that the boy was safe. He was relieved to take care of their parents on Sunday, and the police said they hoped to talk with the boy and his parents on Monday. The investigation of the incident continues, and the police say that much more than that.

“This is quite normal,” said a police spokesman in an interview on Monday. “It’s not what happens every day.”

The Internet, Australia reacts with fear and surveys. Some people seemed to have the impression that the young one was over speeding ticket, and that he would take on such an expedition. Others raised a number of questions, some of the journalists parts, including:

• How does he pay for gas?

• Who taught you how to drive?

• What makes a 12-year-old to do something radical?

• Do the parents reported to him not enough, and if so, when?

• Type of punishment on the boy’s face from the police or parents?

• Something deeper or darker is the road with a history that we have

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