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Their Clout Wanes, Saudi Arabia ways 2017

Because fuel carriage market, keep them for months, production for the agreement between the two largest participants of oil in the world on Monday, sending oil prices.

Ticket prices in US oil production in the country, such as demand and possible savings spiętrzały autumn campaign. Prices fell US $ 44 per barrel in the month than a year at low levels ,.

How Saudi Arabia and Russia – a reduction in the area of ​​budget and financial affairs, energy sales related fraud – trying to control the market, produce. Movement on Monday that the $ 50 per barrel, approximately, in three weeks, oil prices at a high level means a growth of approximately 3.8 percent.

The new oil price level is due to US stocks. The energy market in Share Increase, Standard & Poor near the record of 500, up slightly over 2,400 points.

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Safety related
Agreed OPEC oil producers agreed to reduce production, but for how long? 13th February 2017

Russia and seldom equal the expense of other members of the OPEC oil 10 December 2016 Reduce

OPEC agreed to produce the oil prices down, the Board of Directors of 28 September 2016 sent
Recent changes to the makers of world problems to return. For many years, often Saudi Arabia and the Organization Petroleum countries easier to keep prices in other countries. Market potential of a new society, as the producers of shale ,, and increase However demand for oil.

Under the recently weak, OPEC countries last year, concurred with Russia together about 1.7 million barrels of production down to normal. That is what if the market growth is. But higher prices also attract competitors of OPEC, oil production in the United States.

This makes Saudi Arabia and Russia again enter. Agreement in the two countries, which in comparison, much less the future of production in accordance with the arrangements for the nine months to March. OPEC, which de facto South in accordance with the reality of Saudi Arabia Chairman, members of the 25-13 May in Vienna to act when.

Prices in the week after the announcement on Monday was the highest level reporting. The year end, the average West Texas barrel 48.85 dollars in term of crude oil sold, up $ 1.01 Brent crude was 98 cents higher at 51.82 dollars with an increase.

“The price of 2014. It allows you to manage and market collapse have done what OPEC and Russia and other countries,” said a former manager Robert McNally. The energy, the President, the research firm in Washington, White House Rapidan, author of a recent book on oil and busts called “.” Volatile volatility

In fact, said Mr. McNally that the control “body or emotions.”

As a result, not only on the scale of the market, OPEC and other producers.

The changes are visible in the shoulder, and even today about one third of the oil production represents the world. In the late ’90s. Internet outside of OPEC and other producers of a range of institutions, inflation up to $ 10 per barrel dropped.

Now power rather they rise above their ability.

Oil and short-term storage for large quantities of food. Saudi Arabia and Iran in particular, a few shops, a reduction, a research firm analyst Rich Arda Mallinson energy characteristics, the impact (of guarantor). In the US, the cost of late Bergseng who view oil shale production center reduced, and prices. In per barrel price of $ 50, the company’s professional services produced over future growth Shale

For shale and other sources, that all gaps in the market for production of OPEC production can fill. OPEC producers can continue the candidates, product approved for long-term residence.

“Now it is clear that due to the recovery of losses of oil marketing” Rob West, a friend said Redburn, the market in London to study. “That same tax.”

In the long term, the energy demands of the world and the increased use of electric vehicles more efficient use of the slowdown, analysts say. In April, predicted the International Energy Agency in Paris and the group in 2017 that the oil demand and a slower pace in the second round of monitoring

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