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Digital Travel Nomad Life: Combining Work 2017

In the afternoon, the changes in Medellin, Colombia, 22 of the cost to come together to exchange ideas and then met with people.

They are not available. Also at the meeting. They participate concern a new beginning, organized jointly by the 30 employees of business innovation and other professionals who want to work, combining trips and up to date.

This company is one of dozens of new jobs in tourism programs to help employees, said that the use of nomadic living and working in the center.

“If we can make the world work itself is beautiful and easy to grow, people are trying to connect with the community zog- to protect us?” Miikl Iangblad, 32, received from more rural digital planted Jonathan, 29, he said.

The variable name change is perceived as a good thing is bad, “said a foreign country.” Everyone at luxury. If you have problems at work from 9 to 5, so why not check out?

This concept is satisfied with the trade Stacy Chassoulas Johannesburg. Last fall to participate in a variety of services in Buenos Aires changed the rhythm of everyday life with a partner teleworking, Tiiron Nilnd. Both 36 and popular, but working families.

“I want to see if it is a lifestyle that will participate in the business world,” Niland, Bramel Business Solutions Partner, a consulting firm in the field of private investments reported under.

The idea is very concerned that the environment in South Africa, but now is profitable as long as I have the e-mails and phone calls, “he said.

STIB King, research partners, research and consulting firm Independent, said the combination of work travel is not new, but growing interest. “We still do not know how many digital nomads,” he said. “It is difficult to assess, but it is obviously strong growth.”

It works related to improved technology and increased long-term changes in labor costs. Two large groups of aging Millennium vacation and take the child xiiligaas traditional financial services and flexible.

“People are uncertain,” he said. “It is not easy for foreign cultures, to enter the most important thing.”

Service. It includes an overview of the state website role of the state, based on such factors as cost, high-speed internet and air; Hacker groups such as gardens and isolated.

“This will help you to live and work where we want,” said founder Johannes rural Cruz, a two-week tour of the network in rural areas twice Voelkner year. “Many people say,” I do not think so. “But it is very simple. He is trying to change all of their lives, rather than short-term”

P Voelkner said he started to jump to avoid a half years in rural separately. Flights from Poland to Portugal, expected in May. Very ordinary international, “he said -. 150 people from 30 countries, the average age at the time of the mid to late at the end of 20 or 30. However, people over 60 and their spouses’ children.

Walking around in Miami, Bali, Madrid, London at the end of the eighth grid far as the city center, “said Bruno Haid, Chairman of the Board of the company. Each place has a living room, conference room, carbon monoxide and fast Wi-Fi and play, and usually only local.

“They have a deep sense of experience and cheaper than traditional hotels,” said Mr.

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