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Find Survivors Colombia Mudslide Sends Rescuers online

Bogota, Colombia – Moko Gildardo Ramirez crushed his Claudius in order to find the only place where Ont neighbors, arrived on Sunday. She desperately in mud and debris avalanches on the night he was crossing Moko said he saw the ruins of her aunt, looked lost.

“I came home and was destroyed,” Moko, near the border with Ecuador, a small village in the mountains of southern Colombia, said by telephone. “I was in the backpack.”

family, Mr. Ramirez, and more than 1,500 firefighters rushed to market fears those still alive and trapped in the ruins of the Moko, city map, to find one that was destroyed by an avalanche of mud and water.

About the weather, a witness, they can smell the dead under the rubble. Bodies were buried in the cemetery, the city is focused on search and rescue. “We have a big problem to find the missing,” he told reporters Carlos Ivan Markesdən disaster occurred in Colombia.

Colombian Red Cross said at least 234 people were killed; A collection of some of the other sources of news channels reported. Mr. Marquez added to the dead, the government estimated that more than 200 people were injured, he said. 600 people were evacuated to temporary shelters.

Moko the destruction of most of the people around them while sleeping spilled over its banks, causing rivers for a few hours in the evening, it started to rain. Sweepers and heavy loads even at home Saturday after flooding and flattening lip came through the city was great.

“I was sleeping when the avalanche struck me, and I left,” Caroline Garrett, 20, a firefighter said. “People were shouting the names of employees and family members. Others called on God.”

Miss Garrett had been washed away by the water Puck, the night clinging to the age of five, he said.

“He is still in the house his father and mother to me,” he says. “However, according to him, there is nothing.”

Heavy rain has left the region in recent weeks, at least 80 people were killed by landslides in Peru. Roads and bridges were damaged and 120,000 homeless over Peru.

Wilson Carrera after the collapse of the Moko, she find her parents in the town of Puerto Asis, Colombia travels 50 miles of dangerous roads. He was her father, her mother could not be saved, she found out that said that.

“I began to hear the sound when it was able to leave the house,” he said in a telephone interview. “But they poured, and my mother was released from his hands.”

The city is divided into several services on Sunday, electricity, water and without fuel for almost the entire population is doing so; a lot of people packed into the warehouse. Survivors mobile phones to communicate with their relatives in other cities hoping to recharge the batteries for the car is used.

“There is no water – we need this important is the water – and that” Marisol Gonzalez, the leaders of the neighboring Institute of Technology, told the newspaper El Tiempo.

Moko the second time after the accident, President Juan Manuel Santos visited the market. a “weak” response that there was a well-known, although he said more help on the way. He set up water, power will be restored soon, promise and destroyed part of the city was rebuilt. “The idea that Moko it is better,” he said.

Columbia Weather Service said more rain is Sunday in the weekend.

Dr. hospital Herman Granados Moko surgeon, medical staff said it was a pleasant surprise and the blood supply is exhausted. Many people are saying: “mud, I’m not too sure.”

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