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Happy Something Else to Enjoy online 2017

The problem arose from two starters compete in the category of products in the wine can not be wrong, for cats (and in some ways a dog) that comes in a small bottle with that name. Alcohol is (I think Catnip liquid). But for companies that combine products to market first, Apollo Hill – called “original architecture cats” – accused of new competitors, wine, animal imitators.

He ran together on Valentine’s Day. and invent clever names for their products at $ 11.95, which bought an 8-ounce bottle of Cabernet or fluffy gray Meow Apollo Peak, located in Denver.

Or about $ 14.95, we can pour 12 ounces Meow Pet & Chandon cellars in Fort Myers, Florida.

Because alcohol can be harmful to cats, the products are usually water catnip for cats can be sick and the owner.

But when I run the test at a local cafe dress the cat Chops centers, especially the owner of Catnip product: Cats do not want to protect wine, as the band – only two involved – but the desire to try as a concept.

This is the greatest thing in the world, “said Savannah Owens, 23, medical law is a cat cafe in the city.” It would be nice if my cats enjoy wine with me, “he said.

It all started two years ago when the shutter Brandon, CEO of Apollo Pizza “thought the cat out of nothing,” he said. “PET is more than a Roommate or family members,” he said. “What do they just stay in the water?”

Mr. Zavala, 32, used to sell products to food animals and learn more about business start over. First, he called his product through a “soft.” If the cat no change in wine, he said, “he did not know.”

He calls his company cat, Apollo, and mountain Denver. Organic beets, California, to provide color. Catnip comes from the mountains of Colorado. A small bottle of wine, which is sold online and in 200 stores, including TJ Maxx and judges. Mr. Savall that their products with words like “cats that much more,” and # vhidrinkalone.

Cat wine is a perfect manifestation of a growing trend breeder treat them as men.

Since 15 years, “the market of animals must be converted humanizatyon pets,” said David Sprinkle, research director marketresearch.com. See also his organization last year found that 62 percent of cat owners (64 percent of dog owners) believe that their pets are part of the family.

“The term ‘old animals gradually replace” pet owners, “said Mr. splash. Cat products and materials explain 30 percent of the domestic market of 40 billion US dollars, because the supply of services, he said.

David Grimm, deputy editor of Science magazine and the author of “national teeth: the common development of our dogs and cats,” said the proximity between people and animals began in 1900 when flea products allow users dogs and cats last to do good most cats. Soon the animals in the bed of the person and their heart.

One thing that ever lived country began to disappear and give priority to family multigeneratyonal less and more people only. “A piece of the puzzle,” Mr. Grimm said, “together with the growth of the technology and many contacts Fierce race. Even me, when you go home at night, dogs and cats, we more and more because our lives, we want to work with other wars relationship. ”

While Mr. Zavala was surprised by his success. The first exploded Tweets and emails, hoping to attract attention. That, he said, “I’m much more popular.” The Huffington Post story brought 44,000 shares on Facebook, and also an article on People.com and nationalgeographic.com and cried Jimmy and Bill fellon Creator.

Mr. Zavala wine in the kitchen of his house, and not the competition. He hired and moved to larger premises. Last year the company sold $ 500,000 worth of more

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