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new Dollars canada Tries to Turn Its view

Toronto – Long before Google car that car and Amazon Appliances in this regard, work is beginning to make a small number of scientists in Canada – the Canadian government and university support – artificial intelligence has no place in today’s prosperity.

But the Silicon Valley in the center of the commercial gold. In recent years, many young A.I. Canadian scientists, Google paydays benefits of Facebook, Apple and other companies were left together. Canada A.I produce much more startup window, but often leads to California, where risk capital, business skills and a lot of optimism.

“Canada is in fact the AI ​​technical instructions and to receive Government of Canada investment benefits earlier, tiff Macklem, Senior Deputy Governor of the Bank of Canada, is ROTMAN Dean of the School of Management, University of Toronto, said.

Now A.I. Home priority for the Canadian government, enterprises, universities and technologists. The goal, they say it is about business practices in the environment and make your university specialists.


A.I. Legal work. However, they still will not change willingly. March 19, 2017

Artificial intelligence promises to create a small increase in February. 28: in 2016.

Moral Tesla accident? All Computer vision, but not in September. 19, 2016
And Geoffrey Hinton, Richard Sutton and Yoshua Beng, A.I. The technology, known as the machine you want to create a senior researcher flexibility as a method designed to open the door to a significant improvement, even many computer scientists and technology industry to find out how their work
Generate waste.

Government money is encouraging, including the production of a large investment company, to start the program-ups and change internal contractors and American investors habits.

In his new budget, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau $ 93 ($ 125 million Canadian) A.I. Promised support Toronto Montreal, and will be a public-private partnership, which has a research Edmonton.

Vector Institute in Toronto artificial intelligence, announced two weeks ago, will be one of them. Institute starts at $ 130, at the national and provincial government money and corporate sponsors on the other side as Google, Accenture and NVIDIA is also important, as in Canada, Scotiabank and Royal Bank of Canada, the Canadian company’s office about half.

P Hinton, who was hired by Google in 2013, but remains a professor at the University of Toronto, will serve as chief scientific advisor. The new organization “Mars Discovery District of downtown Toronto buildings cluster that is run by a public-private partnership that A.I. Bus technology start-up, the company houses ..

High-tech companies, Google, Microsoft and IBM A.I. Studies in Canada. In other industries.

Last year, General Motors announced that the City of Toronto in Markham self-drive to find your own research and engineering center of the car. Thomson Reuters has announced that it is to understand, and use information technology to help prevent the decision to open a new center for professional computing Toronto show.

To create a business that A.I. Using it is an economic necessity in Canada. Canadian industry has stalled in recent years. Nauratala, filed for bankruptcy in the largest manufacturer of telecommunications in Canada, in 2009 and was wound down over the next few years. And the BlackBerry, it withered away, another leader in the smartphone market.

Two start-up experience of the application of the A.I. And opportunities – – Canadian startup screen technology challenges sample to detect drugs.

Atomwise companies A.I. That uses technology to provide for the eradication of certain diseases, such as multiple sclerosis, it is a new issue of 2012, the general manager of Abraham was established Heifets, PHCS in Computer Science from the University of Toronto AD. Profit.

When Mr. Heifets fund is necessary, he said, a potential investor in Canada to try it 20 years ago. “What can be new?” P Heifets requires the developer and said fertilizer.

Later, Mr. Heifets went to Guantanamo and Timothy Draper, met with the venture capital firm Draper Fisher Jurvetson founder. P Draper said he invested in several companies trying to reach 20 years. It did not stop to try again.

“It is a cultural thing, ready to accept different risk appetites and downs”

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