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new Egypt Different Kind of Alexandria Library 2017

I’ve never seen him look like old weapons, found in volcanic ash decorative necklace, a magnificent piece of olivine filled with crushed Obsidian. Smoke billowed fish near the breathing to deal with failure.

Armor – Cracked wheat, cumin, garlic and pepper carbon black – made tent. Lemon lights dimmed, Flirtation to reform his anger. perfect body, and I also love water and light.

This is a great meal for poor white tiles Little Egypt, Ridgewood, Queens store to eat. Previously, in order to determine the black plastic place mats set the table damask electric lamps; All food shelf can be read as a library, scholarships for black beans and molasses.

Nashaat Youssef, Chef, Little Egypt launched sister Hannah gwala, chemical dough two years ago. RIDGEWOOD at home since 1991, grew up in Alexandria, Egypt port size, and spent a decade in the Bay restaurant cooking step. New York, take out what he wanted to return to the limo company employees before deciding.

remains the country. A copy of the sarcophagus of King Tut Nefertiti bust in the crown Hookah turquoise hat push (only “, said Joseph) In addition to the table is a small figure of Christ on the cross. Sunday morning, Mr. Joseph Maria Coptic Orthodox Church near the rest of the congregation in San Anton, recipes and his wife, sister and brother, and money to the poor people of Egypt.

This restaurant, the pleasure of simple and direct, just shy of roasted eggplant and cumin in a small light to heat the vinegar; Chile and Egypt to continue imported sausage, pepper, tahini and spices secret “to a happy sandwich entire race.

Kobeba, torpedo and cracked wheat, minced meat, frying oil Traicao hard beads of an open bid. Grape leaves dozen filled in a row, according to the menu; holding plates 20 and smoke still wet juice

I medames Shell Egypt traditional breakfast that can be taken every hour to increase participation, fresh beans left to keep down and simmer until thickened, but be careful. P Joseph, dressed with olive oil and lemon and natural Funk meeting.

Even rice and half-understood, even if Mr. Yusuf told – not only diffuse light butter and onions and curled up, the best is almost burnt.

Then there Koshar, street food is a miracle, Mr. Yusuf negru, blue nearly combined with rice and lentil, pasta, beans and onions rippled battery. All musabika dim’a, fresh tomato sauce and tomato paste, cumin and chili intense rocket unite behind a slow decline.

Great, it’s like all desserts, recipe No. Hannah: yogurt and semolina cake with rose syrup basboosa there was plenty of water for irrigation every pore; grated oil contortions konafa sheet; Akah and close the menu centers, nuts, honey and powdered sugar around enough to leave a cookie sticky snow.

Alexandria, in which Mr Yusuf received the draft Samakmak Restaurant, MAK, a fish called a minor problem of the Arabs. Here Samakmak special tilapia, baked are dim’a musabika. One night, he came to my office and ask for more food because we could not ….

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