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Quick Rescheduling Dortmund Manager Criticizes UEFA 2017

Underline European government body said Wednesday Borussia Dortmund football agreed to fast Champions League Quarter-final schedule, in response to complaints of forced German club ever after bomb the target area bus.

After losing 3-2 at Monaco on Wednesday Tomass Dortmund coach Tuchel said yesterday that he is back to attack players when his arm guards asked Marc Bartra require surgery.

But UEFA said that the first stage Dortmund against Monaco three full metal pin after 24 hours was pleased with the team bus explosion of a nearby game.

“In the next match at the stadium at 18:45 BVB decided to participate and collaborate with the club last night and it was full agreement of the authorities,” said UEFA director of communications, Pedro Pinto, the Associated Press. “We are now in contact with all the parties and offered no information that one does not want the group did not get to play.”

Tuchel said he thought that UEFA did not seriously enough to attack and claimed “Please every time” about whether to continue.

, Tuchel, said: “We do not feel that we as a treatment beers continue our bus, and it is one of the decisions about an hour later, it was:” The game will take place during the night, he added, “it gives you the a sense of helplessness ”

Season in Dortmund last few months without the contact Solid calendar, the game could be moved at a later date. Monaco he played in the second round is next Wednesday.

“We were on the ground attacked by the enemy, we have a man in the bus attack,” he said Tuchel Norway publishes an interview in January Aage Fjortoft former international players. “Of course, effects and a tremendous experience for all of us want. We deal with most of the time. We did not have time.

“The team with the little time that we are in good shape, because the dream is to go to the semi-finals in Europe. We are not in very good condition at all feel today is not enough to occupy so much he wanted to concentrate on football. It is our responsibility to do that? ”

Dortmund players play in the morning, ready to support the night station.

“I said to them, it is not too concerned about, trying not to think about something important, not better, have less experience than my players,” said Tuchel. “Everyone has the right to do what it wants to sell. If you want to talk about it, talk is talk. If you want to be quiet, quiet. If you want to hug, I hurt you, or that you can find peace at home.

“It was all the other symbols, and it is very inspiring, as we do in the second half of her behavior. We had a good second half. This game is now, and it feels a little strange.”

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