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real Carbon Than It Stores, Study Says 2017

A possible factor analysis: Autumn, before turning off the temperature of the Arctic tropical to breathe and tantravai microbial degradation of the plant – a permit for the release of carbon dioxide – will continue for a long period of time.

“If we accariyappattom an increase in CO2 from abandonment is,” said Dr. Kammen.

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Of the problem
The April worm 11 days from the thought perhpahpstst pilettat, 2017

Winter sea ice strips in the Arctic record to its lowest level on March 22, 2017

Arctic temperatures of the state, scientists 21,2016 TIII
A study was published Monday in the course of the National Academy of Sciences.

However, many analysts will be saved in the end in order to offset the tantra emissions.

Professor and author Stephen · C. Harvard University. Vohpici, the state, has been found to be a source of carbon dioxide. “But, it has not yet been proven,” he said.

Higher temperatures will lead to increased plant growth, which increases the photosynthesis of carbon dioxide through photosynthesis. Scientists of the “green” in the Arctic, said the cause of the rise in temperature.
However, according to research, uraipanavai for delaying the approval process of carbon dioxide, and release more.

Back shift veppamayamakkattai is therefore lost by adding a portion of the carbon to increase the atmosphere which can result in higher emissions.

Mekkuyar of A. Dave in order to attract the “stellar work” made to tell researchers of carbon dioxide data sources, hperpenks researchers involved University of Alaska to study.

The evidence, they are, but it is in a state of uncertainty, he said, we are suggesting that back and away from the sink. “They’re too worked up to go, they went,” Dr. Mekuveyr was told. “However, there are still open questions.”
From the decomposition of dead plant material Dr. Kamman to the carbon that is released from tantra, it comes of age. Carbon dioxide, in order to achieve, for many years, even again in the atmosphere, have been added centuries or decades.

“If we liquid outlet is presented, part will be old” and said of Dr. Kammen’s. “How much, we do not know.”

It is greater than in other regions of the impact of climate change on the northern part of coal. Vekamitutal at twice as fast as the Arctic, Arctic sea ice declined by 13 percent from 1980.

“Part of the message of this article, a series of major changes in the Arctic, they are going fast,” Dr. Vopsi says. “The main part of the pattern.” …

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