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real Ice Scientist’s Worst Nightmare online 2017

Canadian Arctic ice has completely melted, so that puddles of water, drained and researchers.

OK, that’s what really happened: The ice cores, ancient ice cores extracted researchers from sites in the Canadian Arctic melts due to an error in the freezer in a laboratory at the University of Alberta in Edmonton. The loss of these ice cores could hamper research on how changes in the atmosphere in the form of the history of Earth’s climate and how it can affect your future.

April 2 the temperature in the storage freezer in the Canadian database ice rose to 100 degrees – a part of the cooling system is not “and then tried to get back into action, and in the process, the number of” Martin Sharp, director of files. The freezer has become so hot that triggered the fire alarm, says Sharp, and partially or completely dissolved 180 ice cores by government scientists collected since the mid-seventies Snowy expansion of the Canadian Arctic.

Dr. Sharpe, a professor of glaciology at the University, said that the water in the ground, and steam, so old ponds.

Ice cores are long rollers scientists removed from the ice, the ice sheets or ice layer containing gas bubbles, pollen, dust particles, or isotopes provide researchers suggests that the temperature and atmosphere of the earth.

This file contains 12 cores, which are stored in more than 1400 of a meter, which contains about 80 000 years of atmospheric history. Kernel has lost about 12 percent of the collections, and leaving gaps in the record, none of the 12 large centers completely destroyed.

Dr. Sharp said that the file was in the past, to investigate the history of long-term climate change and air pollution, especially of trace metals. However, he noted that the technology has been developed as the nucleus together for the first time when you can get a lot more information from the database as a whole, as a specific phenomenon of the second, the restoration of the variation of sea ice and pollution East Asia begin to cross the Pacific Ocean impact on Western Canada.

While the loss of the core does not affect the ability to investigate this phenomenon, is valuable information loss: some of the oldest ice core is Mount Logan, the highest mountain in Canada, and part of the Penny Ice Cap Iceland Baffin contains 22,000 years of climate data have been partially or completely destroyed.

Fortunately, the oldest in the collection of the last ice sheets covering North America, the ice was in another freezer, says Dr Sharp.

“For those who have a collection of ice cores, fusion of years of fear, and do not understand what happened very late,” said Sharpe.

But the university is taking steps to ensure that a better alarm system, if it ever does.

At this time, not Dr. Sharpe did not know that he and his team will return to the Arctic to more cores and replace the samples that have been lost.

“Some of these ice shelves vanish,” he said, “and we will lose this record, in some cases, rather than later.”

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