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Refugees Hungary Indicts 11 in Truck Suffocation 2017

BERLIN – Hungary accuses 11 people Loog suspicious traffic that adhere to the 71 refugees Thursday, it was found that the decomposition of the agency stuffed in a proximal neighboring Austria two years ago at the peak of the movement of the euro.

The indictment of the suspects, including at least one in Afghanistan, Lebanon and a law Bulgaria Hungary announced. It also revealed that 67 other refugees far from a narrow measure of the gazebo, broke open the door to escape.

the availability of agency vehicles, heat sootarxiili 27 August 2015 became a turning point in the EU in response to the waves of immigrants that enter the continent to escape the war and lost in the Middle East and other places.

This makes the EU, including German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the power concentrated in the splendor of Imperial Hofburg in Vienna to discuss moving a consolation. evil face of age. The next day, the decision of Merkel already famous for its acceptance of refugees from Hungary refused passage.

Shock refugee crisis affecting European discovery him 27 August 2015

A 21 Essential immigrants a century of food, shelter, smartphones May. 25 2015

Immigrant tournament Northern Hungary in August to build a wall on the border. 24 2015
Thursday, 20 months after police found a car and the open road shoulders Budapest, Vienna, the first task of the alleged offenders was officially launched.

Afghanistan attacker, identified as L. is 30 years old, described as the ringleader. Remove the face annul acts smuggling from February to August 2015, received € 300,000, prosecutors said in a written summary charge for them.

Two of his accomplices have been identified by prosecutors as M., 31, who led Bulgaria Bulgaria driver, and K., a citizen of Bulgaria and Lebanon, both 51, were in a car and plates registration.

The reported results include details about how the refugees – 59 men, eight women and four children in Iraq, Syria and Iran – death. A person, police said Hungary in January, has not yet been determined.

Tomorrow, 26 August 2015, the report said, “The members of the criminal organization” locked refugees near Mórahalom, a city near the border with Hungary and Serbia big summer street style based in the Balkans.

“A half hour after a boat trip to the explosion of oxygen and left,” said the statement. “Signal Controller hear” a 25-year-old Bulgarian was identified as L. and “direct” that Bulgaria identified as T. 38, who apparently met in a different car.

With employers in Bulgaria, reported problems with organized crime in Afghanistan has requested several times to open the door, “he said,” ignore them stifling and Western Europe as soon as possible. ”

“While it can help the victims, and the driver who leads the play direction of the head of the Afghan people,” the statement said. 71 victims, he said, “took a staggering three hours away.”

He died while the car was still in Hungary, he added.

Two cross Bulgaria to Austria and street parking near the Parndorf Outlet Center, southeast of Vienna. then returned to Hungary “to use the car in front,” said the statement.

The Austrian police discovered the car and opened the next day.

Although Europe fringes shock detect smuggling refugees were interrupted. “For a lot of money, the next morning, members of criminal organizations charged 67 migrants in the air, refrigerator truck near Mórahalom,” said the prosecutor.

“The accused of turning a blind eye to the fact that, due to external migration health and death, and enjoy Goals, Austria. This time, immigrants can download the door open because no one died.”

Statement said that nine suspects arrested in Fort Worth, southeast of Budapest on the main road in the territory of Serbia. Two must be judged absent, he added.

The 11 suspects accused of human trafficking as part of a criminal group, and “trafficking of people,” said El. Four people accused of participating directly in the face of the atrocities committed murder, especially with more than one comparison, this one including the elderly

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