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Talks to Mexico Ready Play the Corn Card 2017

Mexico – Corn year, consumption of poultry and cattle hundreds of millions of tons of corn to fatten tauratilaza rich diversity, it is perhaps the most important agricultural products in Mexico, and to assess the culture of life.

Natta NAFTA talks with Mexican officials to prepare a large lever – corn is now a new document.

Reason: corn, which consumes most of the United States Mexico USA leading US subsidies to agricultural exports to its southern neighbor. And the president, but Trump is back in full oil on their promises, threats to Mexico and began showing his muscles.

In Argentina and Brazil – increasing domestic production, the Mexican government to investigate the purchase of maize from one place to another. Suitable for a political solution proposed Mexican senator, bought in the United States for three years to avoid.

US corn exports to Mexico have nearly $ 2600000000 in recent years and on the ground, and that the development of trade relations with intertwined as part of their agricultural production in the economy. But overall maize in the country for two years, $ 525000000000 in business, the role of the league, and the country has become a symbol of economic personal relationships.

An event in the United States to lose its largest foreign market of maize and other products in the Midwest, where agriculture is an important part of the economy maize production in the United States shocked the community. In fact, Trump vote in the presidential election, the risk of a significant part of the region, especially in the Corn Belt, many of these people.

“If we lose our customers in Mexico, absolutely devastating economic AG», Phillips Gordon, 68, a corn, soybean, wheat, and her family farm in Saline, Michigan. It was 140 years, is growing.

Mr Gordon said Trump White House plan to call, “and we must not forget that it is their thing.”

“He’s a businessman,” said Mr. Gordon. “When you realize that a lot of support for the rural population.”

However, it is engaged in agricultural activities on both sides of the border that are not based on, as well as the White House, which is a document that does not want to spend your vacation.

“It is very difficult to follow the president,” Todd Haltman CTS, news and information services in agriculture, said grains analyst Omaha. The campaign actually. But in fact, came to work in the White House, is still a mystery. ”

Trump has repeatedly claimed that he was in the United States and Mexico, the big winner. But in the United States, there are many leaders in the field of agriculture and food industry in the United States – Hope – with the exception of maize to market Trump will not interfere too much approval.

Luis A. Bank and Texas A & M University assistant professor of agriculture in North America director of the Center for Research and Studies “When the economy is in conjunction with the hope that the economic impact of this policy on a political decision,” he says.

At the same time open up new overseas markets and business leaders is more than four times many American farmers to the so-called American agriculture, especially oil, as a gift, will contribute to the expansion of exports was attacked.

In 2016, the United States, Mexico’s third largest market for 18 million of US agricultural exports nearly $ Export Department of Agriculture.

Mexico is the only major destination for US corn, but other dairy products, poultry and wheat is one of the United States than in any other country, as well as American Tire, such as soybean importer and meat departments, he said.

Mexico, the Mexican government has imported 13.8 million tons of corn in the US last year. Almost all – 12700000 t – yellow corn, yellow corn, which is specially designed to 3500000 tons and was used as feed.

In May, imports of a variety of elegant white and use of food is an important part tauratilaza. Mexico is essentially self-sufficient in white corn. Import Country 22200000 tons last year, and white maize from the United States, South Africa and other countries of the benefits of 1.1 million tons of white maize exports, according to the Mexican government ….

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